Making History / Our Philosophy

The basic theme that underpins everything we do in our business is based on the concept of total quality. Clearly, we all understand that quality involves the actual “standard” of the product and whether it is fit for purpose. But even more than that, we believe that quality equals what the customer wants.

In our world that means continually creating and developing products that give independent retailers significant points of difference to the high street multiples. Our aim is to supply well designed, value for money products that have no exact comparison
Achieving this involves being alert to market trends and providing frequent product updates to help the retailer keep their customers interested.
We are passionate about what we do and how we do it and hope that shows in the products we develop and supply.

Pattern Principal

We are constantly developing ideas about new looks In order to fulfil each of the market sectors that we supply waistcoats to. This invariably involves designing new fabrics or finding different ones that already exist.

Designs for the start of the wedding season will be worked on, sampled and finalised during the previous autumn. Similarly, designs involving autumn weight fabrics will be determined during the spring. Although two main seasons exist, market changes and fashion trends can necessitate the development of out of season products. A prime example of this was when wedding grooms decided to switch from cravats to neckties. In order to achieve the desired look, waistcoats were created with less buttons and a lower breakpoint in order to feature the necktie.

All waistcoats and waistcoat suppliers are not the same and we pride ourselves on our product innovation and Made in England quality.