Wedding Bliss

The wedding business has changed dramatically over the last few years, with grooms expecting the same attention to detail afforded to the bride. At Hunt and Holditch, we still offer that unique bespoke service, whether that be matching waistcoats, neckwear, braces or shirts, our products are all made to order, ensuring the groom has the individual look he desires. The only thing that is changed is our name – with the launch of our new website we are incorporating Beau Monde into Hunt & Holditch Wedding.

Our stock supported neckwear, with over a 100 colours, continues to be much in demand and will soon feature on the site. Alternatively contact us on 01484 533787 to request an up-to-date swatch set. Our colour matching and swatch service enables you to offer the wedding party a vast range of fabrics and colours to fit every budget and colour combination, further enhancing the service our customers can offer their clients.